‘Roses in a Vase' – size 12x16 $125.00

‘Still Life' – size 12 x 16 $125.00

‘Breaking Free' - size 16 x 20 $150.00

‘Celebration' – size 16 x 20 $150.00

‘Angst' – size 24x 36 $295.00

‘The Door' – size 36 x 40 $350.00

‘The Path' – size 36 x 48 $395.00

#11 ‘You Can't Have My Soul' size 36 x 36 – $325.00


Judith Campanaro

Judith's mission statement tells us who she is and how her art entwines her life, which is to “facilitate empowerment through creative expression”. She is a believer that art feeds the soul and empowers the psyche.

Her paintings capture universal truth and provide a path for the viewer to his/her own internal rhythms and peaceful center.

Born and raised in California , Judith recognized art as her life path and from 1976 – 1986 she owned and operated The Hobbit School of Art in Ventura , California where she taught both children and adults. In addition to teaching, Judith has had solo shows both in the United States and the Caribbean . Her paintings are also included in numerous public and private collections.

Judith's newest paintings are about many things which mirror the best and worst realities of our times. She seeks to add new dimensions through the language of color, form and expression.

Blending traditional color and images with contemporary styles and forms is an important element in realizing her vision. She is inspired by the work of Wassily Kandinsky and the soft gentle impressionism of Claude Monet.

Judith's work is all limited editions x 195, giclee's on canvas, gallery wrapped and signed - unframed