About the Founder

Founded by art enthusiast and philanthropist Wendy Moses, ArtistsConnect has a worldwide base with offices located in London , New York and Reno. ArtistsConnect was born out of Wendy's love for art and her heart for charitable causes.

An avid art patron, Wendy had always cultivated friendships with artists. At the same time, she recognized that numerous nonprofit organizations struggle for innovative ways to raise funds for their worthy causes. Wendy made the connection and began to introduce artists to art collectors, galleries and charities.

For over a decade, she worked behind-the-scenes cultivating art works and staging exhibitions and benefit events for organizations such as the Give Hope Foundation, the Houston Jewish Community Center and the Sierra Art Foundation. Her efforts helped nonprofit organizations generate millions of dollars in revenue while her advocacy enhanced the visibility and careers of numerous artists.

Establishing ArtistsConnect in 2005, Wendy now offers her inside connections on a much larger scale, providing avenues for artists to connect with collectors, and charities to connect with fundraising events that benefit art enthusiasts, artists and nonprofit organizations.

Through ArtistsConnect, Wendy Moses affirms the power of art to connect, enliven and entertain.