Rene Porter
painter and drawings


Rene Porter, it seems, is a professional observer.

With striking components of photo-realism, Porter creates richly detailed portraits in oil and charcoal. The artist so masterfully captures the physical and emotional essence of each subject that viewers often feel like voyeurs, catching intimate glimpses of quiet moments.

A majority of Porter's work embraces the female form. Under Porter's touch, women are soft, graceful, reflective and sensuous. Draped or dressed simply, the female figures are relaxed and imbued with natural light.

"When I go around and see figure art, it's all men who are doing it," Porter said in an interview to the Reno ( Nevada ) News and Review . "I feel that my little niche is to draw women from a woman's point of view. Being a woman and having that connection to women is very inspiring."

A master of the figurative style, Porter is an artful storyteller who infuses her work with unusual emotional depth. She adeptly blends skill and sensitivity to the female form.

Trained at the acclaimed Columbus College of Art & Design in Columbus , Ohio , Porter currently resides in San Diego , California .

Her charcoal drawings and oil paintings have been exhibited throughout the country, and can be found in private collections worldwide.