Tracy Weil


Influenced by the vivid color of Vincent Van Gogh and the whimsy of Dr. Seuss, Tracy Weil's playful abstract paintings live in a passionate, colorful world. On Weil's oversized canvas, brightly painted rural-scapes merge with loopy uncertain figures and lithe, vibrant sunflowers.

Trained as an artist at Fort Lewis College in Durango , Colorado , Weil garnered the discipline and confidence that makes him such a prolific artist today. Painting for over 15 years, Weil's work is distinctive for its bold use of color. His zest for people and life emerges clearly in bright works thick with paint.

Weil resides in Denver , Colorado where he owns and operates Weilworks, an art gallery promoting contemporary regional art from new and established artists. In addition, he enjoys frequent solo shows at Zip Gallery and 44-T, both in Denver.

Weil's classic and recurring figure is a red-and-white striped sunflower, culled from “The Thinks You Can Think” by Dr. Seuss. The book's illustration featured a forest of red-and-white striped trees. Transformed into sunflowers, Weil — an acclaimed "city boy" with family roots in North Dakota — created a new plant species that thrives in rural places rich in simplicity and honesty.

Art grows here, in Weil's playful but powerful world.